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Delving Into a Smooth Cup of Mexican Coffee

The History 

Mexican coffee dates back to the late 18th century when Spain brought coffee plants from Cuba. Decades later, the first plantations appeared in southern Mexico, and coffee began to be commercially cultivated. However, mineral deposits took priority. In was not until after the Mexican Revolution that coffee farming began to flourish. Now, Mexico is one of the biggest producers of coffee in the world. They are also the leading country in organic coffee production. A large portion of Mexican coffee is grown by small farmers. Mexico engages in fair trade and is involved in ethical movements like the Rainforest Alliance. The Rainforest Alliance is a non-profit organization that aims to protect forests and the rights of small farmers. 

How Does Mexican Coffee Taste? 

Europeans are the main consumers of Mexican coffee, and there is no surprise as to why they love it. One of the reasons is that it has unique flavors. Mexican coffee is known for its 

  • The earthy, spicy flavor 

  • Aroma 

  • Sweetness 

  • Acidity 

Spicy with a gentle sweetness tends to be a common flavor. However, the special-grade coffees are often fruity that finish with an acidic burst. The reason why some Mexican coffee will taste sweeter than others is that some beans are grown at higher altitudes. The cooler temperatures of higher elevations result in a slower growth cycle. More complex sugars permeate the coffee beans, which leads to more enhanced flavors. This is why Mexican coffee is so distinct. The beans produced in the mountains of Chiapas may equal Guatemalan coffees in terms of sweetness and complexity.  

Not only is Mexican coffee so delicious, but it is also organic and ethically grown as well. The highest quality coffees are worth the taste. By purchasing their coffee, many small farmers and their communities will be supported. To experience Mexican coffee yourself, contact us today. 



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