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Enjoying an Honduras Brew

The Flavor

Crafted from the finest Arabica beans, this tantalizing medium brew is the perfect combination of acid, flavor, and undertones. This is an SHG, or Strictly High Grown, plant, growing at a minimum altitude of 1,500 meters. Such a height's thin air and chilly nights slow the growth of the bean, giving it time to develop a mature depth of flavors. From the first sip, you'll be greeted with tones of honey, chocolate, and nuttiness. Balanced with a medium-high level of acidity, all in the perfect Arabica base, this cup will satisfy even the most refined taste. 

The History

Honduras has been cultivating fine coffees since the eighteenth century when traders first introduced the beans to the region. It started as a small-scale crop, mostly grown by local farmers in the mountains region. By the twentieth century, after local and international aid for small farms, production began to ramp up, and coffee became a major part of the economy. For the next few decades, further legislation set their coffee industry on fire, and Honduras became a main player in the international coffee market.

Although the nation's coffee industry faced many threats, the biggest was Hurricane Mitch. The storm devastated Central America, and many of Honduras's coffee farms were destroyed. Rebuilding was hard, but the result was a clean slate to revolutionize farming. Farms were laid out for efficiency with the newest equipment and began to grow specialty blends. Honduras reestablished itself as a coffee powerhouse. Today they are the fifth global leader in coffee production and the second in Central America. For any coffee drinker seeking a quality bean, Honduran brews are a great choice.

The reputation of Honduran coffee is well deserved, and our blend is the perfect thing for your first-morning cup. To shop our variety of coffees, contact us today.

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