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The Superior Cup of Coffee From Colombia

The Taste: Coffee from Colombia is well known around the world, and rightfully so. Colombian coffee has one of the most distinct and recognizable flavors. Described as medium-bodied and sweet, Colombian coffee can have a variety of distinct flavors that come through. This is determined by geographical area.  There are twenty-two distinct growing regions in the country that can be organized into three main areas: north, central, and south. Impacted by elevation, climate, and the soil type, these areas generally produce some distinctly different flavored beans.  Coffee harvested from the north has more body and is typically less acidic. It also has slight traces of a nutty or chocolate flavor.  Coffee from the central part of the country is more fruity in flavor while coffee from the south is more acidic and has a stronger citrus flavor.  When the beans are lightly roasted, these flavors will be more evident. In a darker roasted coffee, these may be harder to distinguish. 

The Origin: Colombia has dominated the coffee scene for years. Ranked number two in overall coffee production in the world, Colombia is responsible for approximately 12% of the global coffee industry with annual revenue of $2.6 billion.  Similar to other nations in South America, this thriving industry has its basis in small local farms which are usually smaller than 30 acres. The Colombian crop, which is 100% arabica bean, is hand-picked by over 600,000 coffee farmers with a great deal of expertise.  Machinery would make the process faster and the product cheaper, but when the beans are hand-picked, farmers ensure that only the best beans are harvested. Juan Valdez, the signature mascot of Colombian coffee, represents the hard-working coffee farmer who prepares a superior product for export. 

There is a reason that Colombian coffee is one of the most well-known and well-loved coffees in the world.  Contact us today to experience the excellence of Colombian coffee.  

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