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What Makes Specialty Coffee so Special?

What is the big deal about specialty coffee? Is it really any different from regular coffee? 

Yes! Reveille is a distributor of specialty coffee sourced straight from the farms where it is grown. We understand what makes coffee special, and we strive to bring that knowledge into our processes to share it directly with our customers. The quality of specialty coffee and the exquisite experience it provides allows it to stand out as the top 8% of all coffee produced in the world.

Definition of Specialty

Specialty coffee receives its title only after passing a specific series of requirements. The Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) sets rigorous standards that certify coffee with specialty status. As explained by Perfect Daily Grind, other terminologies such as "gourmet" and "third wave" do not signify that SCA's standards have been met.  

Higher Quality

The quality of a cup of specialty coffee is ensured through the SCA's coffee grading standards which cover the entire process, including checking the beans for defects, roasting requirements, and brewing standards. From picking the beans at an optimal time to roasting them perfectly, you can see the amount of work that goes into creating just one cup of specialty coffee to achieve its quality.

Better Experience 

Drinking a cup of specialty coffee offers an experience that makes the extra effort of producing it worth the while. At each stage of the process, the standards set forth are met to bring out aromas and delightful flavors not found in regular coffee. 

Specialty coffee doesn't only provide a better experience for the consumer. It also makes the lives of coffee bean farmers better. By working directly with farmers, we can keep the middlemen out and pay a fair price for the beans, meaning farmers are adequately compensated for their hard work. You can read more about our story and how we got started here.

Learn More About Specialty Coffee

So, are you ready to try some of our delicious, specialty coffee? If we have convinced you of how amazing specialty coffee is, contact us to learn more about the coffees we import.

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