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Costa Rica
Costa Rica
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Costa Rica

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Our Costa Rican is a warm but powerful single-origin straight from the mountains of Costa Rica. That is sure to ignite your taste buds with a herbal flavor as well as a heavy, rich body!

This Costa Rican high altitude coffee is full of flavor; it has a mild acidity, heavier body, and an aroma that can fill an entire room.

If you have never tried a Costa Rican coffee, this coffee does a great job representing its country.

 It is best enjoyed as a hot beverage, perfect for those difficult mornings when you’re not fully human yet. It has a strong aroma but goes down as smooth as you like! Upon the first sip, you’ll be able to notice a hint of citrus, a bit of chocolate, and a whole lot of smoothness. 

What are you waiting for? Try our Costa Rican single-origin and take your first steps towards a divine coffee from the heart of Central America. 

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