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When Does Coffee Take Effect?

Avid coffee drinkers know all too well how it feels to take the first sip of a fresh brew. The comfort of a familiar flavor is undeniable — but when you're looking to feel more energized during the day, when should you drink your first mug? How long does it take for your caffeine to kick in?

The average cup of joe will take 10 minutes to start having an effect, and will be in full swing after 45.  All your favorite benefits of coffee, like feeling more bright and alert, should be present. The more caffeine in your drink, the stronger the effects will be, and the longer they'll last. It takes five hours for caffeine to break down halfway. A few more hours after that, it should be fully metabolized.  

Of course, there are different varieties of coffee beans, as well as different methods of roasting. Each results in a distinct ground coffee with a unique experience.   

  • Arabica beans are the most popular coffee bean.  Largely considered to be preferable in flavor, it is also milder in effect. It will take either an average or slightly shorter time frame to begin having an impact.

  • Robusta beans are highly caffeinated coffee beans — nearly double the amount of Arabica. It is easier and cheaper to mass-produce but is often considered to be too bitter due to the high levels of caffeine. This coffee will have a stronger and longer-lasting effect but may take a bit more time to truly start working.

  • Light roast is the mildest roast. Contrary to popular belief, the roast has no effect on caffeine levels; it purely affects the flavor and consistency. A light roast will have little to no oil and offers the softest flavor.

  • Medium roast has a bit of a darker tone and a very mild level of oils. As the middle ground of flavor and oils, it is the most common roast level.

  • Dark roast is the strongest flavor and has a noticeable level of oil. However, it is the least acidic roast of coffee.

  • Decaf coffee contains a lower, but still present, level of caffeine; about 97% less than regular caffeinated coffee.  It would take at least five cups to have a noticeable effect on your energy levels. If you're looking to enjoy the flavor of coffee without getting the jitters, decaf is the way to go.

To learn more about the different coffee blends we import, or to place an order, please contact us today.

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