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The Perks of Peruvian Coffee

The Taste: Coffee from the mountainous nation of Peru is aromatic and full of flavor. The coffee has a medium body and is mildly acidic. The natural flavors of coffee from Peru can vary from having a chocolate or nutty edge to having a fruity citrus taste.  Most coffee harvested in Peru is grown at high elevations, at least 1200 meters above sea level, which is one of the reasons that it is so delicious. Beans harvested from the highest elevations have the most delectable flavor. Because of this, Chanchamayo, Cusco, and Puno and other farms in the Andes Mountains area are the best sources of this incredible brew. 

The Origin: Although perhaps not as well known as other sources of coffee beans, Peru has a thriving industry which is gaining popularity among coffee connoisseurs. Peru cultivates over 3 billion 60kg bags annually and are second only to Mexico in export of fair trade coffee. This amount of cultivation, processing, and exporting is an astounding feat considering that most farms in Peru are very small and privately owned.  Farms are usually only about 3 hectares, or 7 and a half acres, but yet Peru manages to gain traction in the international export trade. Beans are picked by hand and farmers cooperate to transport their beans, dry them, and export them.  Additionally, quite a few of these farms have gone through the arduous steps to become certified as organic farms. As a result, Peru is one of the greatest producers of certified organic coffee. 

Sure to satisfy the most discerning taste buds of coffee drinkers around the world, Peruvian coffee is one of a kind in both its origin and taste.  Supporting the Peruvian coffee industry also means making a difference in the lives of local indigenous farmers and particularly supporting fair pay for women.  To learn more about Peruvian coffee, contact us today.  

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