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Did you know that Reveille is not only a Veteran-Owned but also a Black-Owned Coffee Company?


Black Veteran-Owned Coffee Company

In recent days, America has seen a lot of necessary change in a short amount of time. Laws are being passed, eyes are being opened, and things seem to be happening all at once. There are many uncertainties in the world right now, but one certainty is that our community is coming together. Black-owned businesses are receiving more support than ever, and Reveille has been feeling the love. We are deeply grateful for every person who has reached out to support our company and our goals. If you are a long-time friend and customer, we appreciate you. If you are new to us, we welcome you!


You may know that Reveille is a black-owned business, and you may know that Reveille is a veteran-owned business. But did you know Reveille is one of the only black veteran-owned coffee businesses? Being a black-owned business as well as a service-disabled veteran-owned business is an intersection that affects and defines our values in everything that we do. Dignity and identity are essential to us, and the promotion of these ideals is one reason Reveille began in the first place.


Our Founder

Founder and managing director Calvin Harris III started Reveille out of the same desire that led him to serve in America’s armed forces: a desire to make the world a better place. Born into a military tradition spanning three generations, Calvin answered the call at nineteen and joined the Coast Guard. While his father and grandfather saw honorable service in the Army, Calvin was drawn to the Coast Guard’s unique mission of humanitarian aid and protection. He served proudly for five years and had plans for a life of service.


However, after a service-related medical condition necessitated his separation from the Coast Guard, Calvin was forced to find other avenues to change the world. He was inspired to take his passion for problem-solving and humanitarian aid to the business sector. “My dad put the idea in my head that I could change more lives through business than I ever could in the service,” says Calvin, who holds a Master’s in Business Administration as well as in Finance.

World Traveler

An accomplished traveler with over fifty countries in his passport, Calvin chose to found a coffee distribution company after visiting coffee farms in South America. He spoke with those directly affected by the often unethical and disparaging practices of the big-time coffee industry. He recognized that there was a place he was uniquely suited to help. The combination of his life experience as a traveler, as a Coast Guardsman, and as a man with a lifelong desire to serve others converged and out of that passion, Reveille was born.

Direct Trade Coffee

Reveille is a direct trade coffee distributor: dedicated to moving coffee from our partners directly to you with no bureaucracy or go-betweens. We are committed to ensuring that our coffee farmers receive honest and ethical compensation for the services they provide. Treating others with fairness and respect is an integral part of our business model. Reveille never compromises on human dignity or the quality of our coffee. It’s in our DNA.

Our Future

As Reveille continues to grow and expand, we hope that you’ll keep up with us on our journey. We are always partnering with new farms and have recently begun to roast our own beans in small, carefully curated batches. Reveille’s ultimate goal, Calvin says, is “to be a platform that allows small farmers around the world to sell their coffee directly in the United States so that they can take home a larger share of the profits.”

It Always Matters

In the face of everything happening in America and around the world, it can be easy to feel that small individual contributions don’t mean much. But to Calvin, our farm partners, and all of us here at Reveille, it always matters. Every black-owned business you support, every ethically sourced cup of coffee you drink, every way you keep trying to make the world a better place matters more than you know. Thank you for your support and for changing the world alongside us, one cup of coffee at a time.

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